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Assessments & Impact

It isn’t enough to widely distribute a resource like the Parents & Caregivers Guide. It must also be shown to work, to improve the ability of parents and caregivers to spot and intervene in cases of potential radicalization. PERIL and SPLC are committed to evidence-based, iterative work that measurably reduces the risks associated with radicalization to violent extremism. At every stage of intervention, it is crucial that both positive outcomes and potential “backfire” effects be assessed. 

These two reports present the results of assessment and feedback conducted on the Parents & Caregivers Guide. An impact study quantitatively measures the Guide’s effect on parents and caregivers, their knowledge of extremism and radicalization and their self-reported willingness to intervene on behalf of a young person at risk for radicalization. A focus group report qualitatively assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Guide based on the expertise of educators, mental health professionals, coaches, and other youth group leaders. 

Both reports point to the same conclusion. The Parents & Caregivers Guide is a highly effective tool for raising awareness, building confidence, and offering strategies for intervention against extremism and radicalization. However, there is much work left to be done. While the Guide offers a foundation on which this work can commence, more targeted and specific techniques for intervening are badly needed. PERIL and SPLC’s ongoing work is directed toward that end. 

Impact Study


Focus Groups reports


Illustration by Claudia Whitaker